Audience hit for six by England legend

Audience hit for six by England legend

Audience hit for six by England legend

It’s not all mobility, fuel cards, connected cars and BIK at Fleet Management Live. Delegates took time out from seminars and meetings to be inspired by England cricket legend Graham Gooch.

Gooch was one of the most prolific run scorers in first-class cricket. He also played 118 tests for England, scoring 8,900 runs.

The retired cricketer spoke about the game he loved, how he came to rise to the top of his game and his favourite players.

Graham said: “Whether it’s in fleet management or cricket, you learn by reading, watching and seeing your mentors in action.

“When I was starting there was no structure to your development, you turned up to play and that was it. You were left to get yourself in shape.

“It’s very different today. The players are a lot fitter and stronger. Clubs have fitness coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and a complete medical staff.

“If you have less physical fatigue you are less likely to make mistakes.”

He said that he relished the chance to open the batting for England and his county side Essex: “You get the chance to set the game up for your team. You want to challenge yourself against the best, because if you are successful that’s really satisfying.”

Asked about England’s current cricket side, Gooch was full of praise for the team now touring Bangladesh before heading to India.

“Conditions are going to be tough out in India where they will prepare the pitches for the ball to spin, because I know that’s what I would do.

“I think we are producing good talent with exciting players such as Ben Stokes whom I love to watch.''