Essential reading for all fleet managers

Essential reading for all fleet managers

Essential reading for all fleet managers

It’s clear that the automotive industry is in a period of transition, and three new reports from Deloitte, McKinsey and KPMG aim to shed new light on what is both an exciting and uncertain time for those operating in the fleet sector.

McKinsey’s report is entitled ‘Automotive revolution: perspectives towards 2030’, and examines how disruptive technology – particularly autonomous cars, electric powertrains and shared mobility – will transform the auto industry, especially when it comes to city-based transport.

Compiled in conjunction with Stanford University and 30 global automotive experts, it predicts that up to 15% of new cars sold in 2030 could be fully autonomous, with 1 in 10 vehicles being shared between owners and users.

KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017 compiles responses from 1,000 senior executives from car manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, rental companies and financial service providers, as well as 2,400 consumers.

It includes some bold predictions – such as 78% of those surveyed believing that fuel cells could be the long-term alternative fuel of choice, and 62% believing that battery-powered electric vehicles will ultimately fail due to infrastructure challenges.

Equally, 85% felt that software would generate higher revenues than hardware when it comes to autonomous vehicles, with 82% believing that a Silicon Valley tech firm will produce a car in the next four years. 59% of respondents also said that vehicle ownership could be cut by 50% by 2025, as car share models become more common.

Deloitte’s report examines the race towards autonomous driving models – particularly how to win consumers’ trust when uncertainty over the safety and reliability of technology remains one of autonomous driving’s biggest hurdles.

It also examines how infrastructure – particularly in cities and urban areas – will adapt to autonomous driving models with smart technology, and how mobility will become more of a service.

So, as Bob Dylan wrote, the times they may be a-Changin’, but with this information – which is all free to access – you can navigate the road ahead with more confidence.